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The Unbreakable Athlete Program

Your solution to overcoming autoimmune illness and finding optimal performance.

Being an athlete with an autoimmune disease is hard, but it doesn't mean you have to stay stuck.
The secret to achieving optimal performance is reversing your autoimmunity and healing your body so that you can become an unbreakable athlete.

does this sound like you?

You want to perform your best and feel amazing doing it, not be held back by a disease or diagnosis. 

You know what you want your life to feel like. You want to have more energy so you can do the things you love. More muscle, more power. To stop missing workouts because of nagging injuries. To be able to show up for yourself, your family, and your friends, not to be stuck on the couch because you're too exhausted to do anything. No more taking weeks to recover from an easy workout. You want energy to meet your goals and some left over to have fun. To do more things that make you happy. 

But there’s something missing.

You lack a solid plan to get you back on track, you don’t know where to start and you have no idea what you should actually be doing to feel better.

The Unbreakable Athlete Program can help get you there. 

This 6 week program will help you to heal, rest, and optimize your body through a simple process that is aimed at getting you back to doing what you love faster.

Here's a story for you... 

Lifelong endurance athlete, goes for a three mile run, comes home and can barely crawl up the stairs to the couch. Two and half hour naps are a common occurrence. Gains 10 pounds in two weeks. Starts calling in sick to work because she can barely get out of bed. Goes to the doctor, labs are “fine,” but is told, “make sure you track what you are eating so you don’t gain anymore weight.” Keeps pushing through. Weight is slowly creeping up. Energy levels are tanking. Recovery from easy workouts now takes multiple days.

Visits three more doctors in search of answers. Gets nothing but more tests that are all "fine" and say nothing. Finally is lucky enough to be referred to a very smart nurse practitioner who does even more labs, and uncovers a reactivated mononucleosis infection (caused by the Epstein-Barr virus) and hypothyroid. It’s not officially Hashimoto’s...yet.

In case you haven’t figured it out already, this is my story...


Hi, I'm Martha. Nurse practitioner and endurance athlete.

I'm on a mission to help athletes who are struggling with chronic illness to ditch the struggle and feel and perform better. 

What I did not get with my diagnosis was a plan to actually feel better. I had an answer for why I was so tired all the time, but what was I supposed to do about it? There was no way I could stay on that same path, answers or no answers, there had to be a better way.

After months of research and years of trial and error, I finally got to a place where I feel good in my everyday life and am happy with my athletic performance. Just last year I completed my first 50K trail race. If you had told me I would be able to do that while I was crawling up the stairs after my 3 mile run just a few years ago, there’s no way I would have believed you.

with this course you'll learn how to be in control.

I created the course that I would have bought when I was looking for answers.

I created the missing piece linking the answer (diagnosis) with the plan to actually feel better. Because you CAN feel better. You CAN keep being an athlete (professional or mediocre like myself) even with an autoimmune illness. You CAN stop living WITH and illness and start living IN SPITE of it. 


Unbreakable Athlete is all about giving you the control over how you feel and perform so you control you illness not the other way around.

It’s like a reset button for your health.

I’m going to teach you my process for uncovering exactly what is holding you back and keeping you stuck and how to take back your life, restore your energy, and reach your goals. 

I want to help you feel amazing so you can achieve amazing things. And I want to help you do this in less time than it took me to figure this out on my own.

Don’t wait any longer to become unbreakable.


Here’s where we will go on this journey together...

The course content is broken down into six modules designed to address the major factors that are allowing your illness to hold you down. This content is organized in a way that will get you feeling better faster so that you can get back to doing what you love.


Module 1: Fix Your Food & Heal Your Gut

Gut health and healthy digestion are the foundation of good health. Unbreakable athletes have unbreakable guts! 


  • Eliminating foods that are harming your health and finding your optimal diet

  • Determining your carbohydrate needs and eating to feel energized all day

  • Keeping a "food and mood" journal for symptom tracking


Module 2: Healing Hidden Infections

Your diet plays a critical role in this, but you also need to clean out the bad bugs, decrease inflammation, and support the good bugs.


  • Digestive enzymes and probiotics

  • Protocols for treating hidden gut infections


Module 3: Rest, Movement, and Mindfulness

Unbreakable athletes need sleep and they need to understand when and how to move their bodies in a way that is getting them closer to their goals, not farther away. 


  • Solutions for optimizing sleep

  • Increasing resilience to stress and exercise

  • Strategies for making mindfulness a priority, even when you're busy

Module 4: Fine Tuning Your Food

Unbreakable athletes need unbreakable fueling plans and chances are that your gels and sugary sports drinks aren't doing you any favors. 


  • Food reintroductions after module 1 eliminations

  • Fueling athletic performance while staying symptom free

  • Slaying your sugar dragon and becoming more metabolically flexible

Module 5: Tame the Toxins

Exposure to toxins may be one of the leading causes of autoimmune disease. This means reducing your exposure is critically important in your journey to becoming unbreakable. 


  • Detoxing your household and personal care products

  • Supporting your body's natural detoxification processes

Module 6: Finding Balance

Being an unbreakable athlete means that you need to be able to maintain all the improvements, manage any setbacks you experience, and most importantly go forth and crush your goals and enjoy you life!


  • Managing flares and setbacks

  • Weaning off of supplements

  • Preventing imbalances from returning


This course takes you from feeling sick, tired, and defeated to empowered and unbreakable. 

Join us for this 6 week program now!


The next session starts July 2, 2018, registration is currently open! 

 What you'll get:

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you'll be able to ask me questions and interact with others who are going through the program

  • Weekly virtual office hours where I'm 100% available to program participants for one-on-one coaching and to answer questions

  • Weekly lessons delivered via FB live

  • PDF guides and templates

  • Weekly meal plan and shopping list

  • Once you complete your payment you'll receive instructions on the next steps to take


Meet The Course Creator

Hi, I'm Martha!


I'm a nurse practitioner with a blog and a podcast where I help people understand what they need to be healthy. My sweet spot is evidence-based health and wellness information and taking complex scientific jargon and turning into easily digestible and actionable steps to help improve your health. 

Why I created this course

This course was born out of my own frustration. As an athlete who suffers from a chronic illness and got no help or support from the medical community, I wanted more than answers. I wanted a way to actually feel better and get back to doing the things that I wanted to do, not give them up completely as I was told to do many times. After months of research and self-experimentation, I was finally able to dig myself out of the cave of exhaustion and brain fog that I'd been stuck in.

Then I met other people who were in the same boat as me, and I helped them do the same.  That is when I realized that I had discovered the missing link in this journey to wellness - the link between a diagnosis (or sometimes a non-diagnosis) and any sort of plan to get back on your feet, back out into the world, and back to doing the things that we love doing. In my experience and the experiences of others in a similar situation, that link just didn't exist. So I made my own. 

I also pride myself on an individualized approach, because if a one-size-fits-all approach actually worked, the food pyramid would have solved all of our problems, and that's why this course is live and with a small group. It allows a certain amount of personalization for each unique individual, which is not something that is easily achieved in a completely automated self-paced course. I also wanted to make this information accessible to more people (i.e. a lower price point) and this delivery system allows that to happen!