Paleo NP Podcast Episodes

episode #35: finding your perfect diet

Live date: 1/16/19

We look at biochemical individuality and what that means for the way you eat. We discuss why there is no one size fits all approach to eating and how to figure out what diet fits your unique individual needs. 

Episode #34: How to Exercise outside in the winter

Live date: 1/6/19

Getting outside to exercise in the winter can be challenging, especially if you are used to being inside for your workouts. In this episode I talk about how to dress for exercising in winter weather, why this is important, and how to be safe and warm.

episode #33: Do Coffee Drinkers Live Longer?

Live date: 12/29/18

What does the research say about coffee? We explore a few studies and what they mean as far as how much coffee you should be drinking. I also talk a bit about what this means for individuals (because not EVERYONE needs to drink coffee).

Episode #32: Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Live date: 12/19/18

All things vitamin B12. Why B12 deficiency is under-diagnosed and why that's actually a pretty big deal. Plus, what tests you can ask your doctor for and what you can do if you are deficient.

Episode #31: Celery Juice, Veganism, And Carnivores With Melissa Groves, RD

Live date: 12/5/18

Melissa and I chat all things celery juice, veganism, and carnivore diets. We talk about the potential issues with each as well as why we both feel that a more balanced approach to your diet is the way to go.

Episode #30: Medicated Like Me With Trisha Hughes

Live date: 11/15/18

In this episode I talk with Trisha Hughes about her newest online project, Medicated Like Me. We talk all things feelings, relationships, and mental health.

Episode #29: [Listener Questions] Becoming A Paleo NP, Intermittent Fasting, And Chronic Fatigue

Live date: 10/1/18

Listener questions:

How I became a Paleo NP

Kari asked “what’s your take on intermittent fasting?”

Kate wants to know about the Whole30 vs. AIP for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as if internal use of essential oils is ok and what else might she do to improve her symptoms.

Episode #28: An Open And Honest Conversation About Mental Health, Depression, And Anxiety

Live date: 7/20/18

Stephanie Cahill from and I have a conversation about mental health, anxiety, and depression. We talk about counseling, medication, and other ways to improve or maintain your mental health, especially when you hit a rough patch. 

Episode #27: PCOS, Fertility, And Hormones With Melissa Of Avocado Grove Nutrition

Live date: 6/29/18


Intro and updates
Melissa from Avocado Grove Nutrition
What is PCOS?
What other issues could be impacting fertility?
Fertility and optimal health
Giving your body what it needs for hormones and fertility (even if you don't want a baby)
Melissa's red meat confession
Top 3 things women can do to balance their hormones

Episode #26: Sun Exposure And Skin Cancer Risk

Live date: 6/22/18


Intro and updates
What contributes to your risk of skin cancer? 
Is there a link between sunscreen use and skin cancer?
Vitamin D supplementation is not a substitute for sun exposure
Recommendations for sun exposure
Sunscreen recommendations
Final thoughts

Episode #25: Mastering The Art Of The Nap

Live date: 6/13/18


Intro & Updates
Mastering the nap
Wake up right
Time your nap
Set the scene
Wake up right...again
Naps and athletic performance
Caffeine naps

Episode #24: What Do You Really Need For Health? With Beth From Tasty Yummies

Live date: 5/31/18


Intro and updates
Beth's ongoing health journey
A balanced approach to health and personalized nutrition
Labeling the way you eat
Stress and food
20 things you don't need for health
Making health and wellness inclusive for everyone
Where to find Beth online

Episode #23: Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Mistakes

Live date: 5/24/18


Intro and updates
Relying too much on lab testing
Misuse of supplements
Errors in supplement selection
Overuse of prescription medications
Not recognizing paradoxical reactions
Not recognizing multi-organ/system involvement
Need for a comprehensive recovery program 

Episode #22: Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Live date: 5/17/18

Update on non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Episode #21: 5 Investments to Make in Yourself

Live date: 5/10/18


Intro and updates
5 investments to make in yourself
Physical health
Mental health
Your relationships
Learning new things
Your environment

Episode #20: How to Heal From Adrenal Fatigue

Live date: 5/2/18


Updates and something new I’m into
Dietary changes to heal adrenal fatigue
Supplements for adrenal fatigue
Lifestyle modifications for adrenal fatigue
Final thoughts

Episode #19: What is Adrenal Fatigue? 

Live date: 4/26/18

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue
Evolution in medical and nutrition science
The old understanding of adrenal fatigue
How your stress response is supposed to work
What is really happening with adrenal fatigue

Episode #18: Digestion part 2: All About Leaky Gut

Live date: 4/19/18


Intro and something new I'm into
What is leaky gut
How you get leaky gut
Lifestyle factors contributing to leaky gut
What happens to your body when you have leaky gut
How to know if you have leaky gut
How to heal leaky gut
Bone broth, collagen, and gelatin

Episode #17: Digestion!

Live date: 4/13/18


Digestion basics
Gut pathogens and weight loss resistance
Gut healing and nutrition

Episode #16: The Importance of Strength Training with Ironman Triathlete Jen Rulon

Live date: 4/4/18


Why strength training is important for everyone
Won't I get bulky if I lift weights?
Using strength training to improve cardiovascular function
Some recommendations for strength workouts
Home gym essentials
Rest and recovery
Injury prevention and recovery
The importance of mindset 

Episode #15: Food Sensitivity Testing and Results

Live date: 3/29/18

A deep dive into what is the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities? How do you get tested for allergies or sensitivities? Which testing method is most reliable and what to you do once you know which foods cause problems for you.

Episode #14: Protein, Carbs, and Fat...Oh My!

Live date: 3/17/18

A look at the three macronutrient categories - protein, carbs, and fat - and why you need all three, who might need more of them, and who would benefit from eating less. 

Episode #13: 9 Diet Mistakes You Might Not Know You Are Making

Live date: 3/8/18


Updates & something new I'm into
Not eating enough
Afraid of fat or carbs
Thinking more restriction will get you better results
Making weight loss your primary goal
Eat less, move more
Not learning from what you are doing
Doing what works for everyone else
Thinking X, Y, or Z diet is THE healthiest
Not accepting responsibility

Episode #12: Supplements vs. Whole Foods

Live date: 3/1/18


Intro & something new I'm into
Whole foods vs. supplements, what's the difference?
Using whole foods as supplements
Enriched foods
Best foods to use as supplements
Should you take probiotics with or without food?
A quick note about vitamin D

Episode #11: All About Autoimmunity & Listener Questions

Live date: 2/22/18


News & updates
Something new I'm into
What is an autoimmune disease?
What causes an autoimmune disease?
What is the treatment for autoimmune diseases?
Listener question: Thyroid hormone replacement
Listener question: Iodine and Hashimoto's
Listener question: No diagnosis, but lots of lab work

Episode #10: Autoimmune Healing & Self-Advocacy with Terriann Magdziarz

Live date: 2/15/18


Updates & intros
Welcome to Terriann
Autoimmune disease basics
How she got her diagnosis
Making dietary changes and sticking with them
Stress management
Replacing toxic products

Episode #9: Paleo Budgeting and Safer Skincare with Stephanie Cahill, RN

Live date: 2/7/18


News & Updates
Introducing this weeks guest, Stephanie Cahill from Cleaner Stephanie
Stephanie's journey to Paleo
How clearner products fit into her journey
Being a special needs mom
How Stephanie shares her knowledge with her patients
Budgeting for Paleo
Final thoughts and words of wisdom

Episode #8: Is Paleo Plant Based and The Benefits of Vegetables

Live date: 1/25/18


What's new this week
Paleo is a plant based diet
Why are fruits and vegetables so important?
Vegetables, red meat, and cancer risk
What is a serving of vegetables
How many servings of vegetables should you eat?
Antinutrients in vegetables
Juicing vs. whole vegetables
What conditions are vegetables protective against?

Episode #7: Should You Be Paleo Forever and Accidental Dieting

Live date: 1/18/18


What's new this week
Should you be Paleo forever?
Are you accidentally dieting?
Symptoms of accidental dieting
How to stop accidental dieting
Aesthetic goals and Paleo

Episode #6: Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance

Live date: 1/11/18


Something I'm loving this week
The science behind metabolic syndrome & insulin resistance
Testing for insulin resistance
Insulin resistance and other hormonal imbalances
Pre-diabetes and diabetes
Eating paleo for metabolic syndrome
Supplements to help manage insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome 

Episode #5: Detoxing and Cleanses

Live date: 1/4/18


  1. Something New I'm Into

  2. What does detox even mean?

  3. What are toxins?

  4. What your liver actually does for a living

  5. How to support your liver

  6. The dangers of detox diets and cleanses

  7. Things do detox instead of doing a detox diet

Episode #4: Managing Chronic Illness & Mindset Mastery with Authentically Nourished Vee

Live date: 12/28/17


  1. Something new Vee is into

  2. Who is Vee?

  3. Discovering Paleo changed her life

  4. Managing chronic illness holistically

  5. Developing a mindset practice

  6. Body positivity at any size

  7. You are enough

Episode #3: Nutrition Challenges & Personalizing Paleo

Live Date: 12/21/17


  1. Who do nutrition challenges work well for?

  2. Who do nutrition challenges not work well for?

  3. How to transition after a challenge

  4. Personalizing paleo

  5. Being honest with yourself when reintroducing foods

Episode #2: Paleo 101

Live Date 12/14/17


  1. Paleo 101

  2. What is the Paleo diet

  3. Why no grains?

  4. Why no legumes?

  5. Why no refined sugar?

  6. Paleo doesn't have to be low-carb

  7. Making paleo fit your life

Episode #1: Holiday Stress & Staying on Plan

Live Date: 12/7/17


  1. How to indulge without derailing completely

  2. The difference between those who are prone to overeat and those who are not

  3. Tips for managing time and reducing stress at holiday gatherings

  4. Ways to decrease stress around food