Menu: Week of 9/12/16

Menu for the week of Sept 12, 2016 - A look at what I'm eating this week as well as my plan for prepping meals. Click for recipes, inspiration, and a plan to help you eat well all week!

I haven't been very good about making a menu for the past few weeks because I've been spending a lot of time at home which allows me to cook whatever I want whenever I want. That's about to end, so it's back to menu planning and meal prepping!

Here's what I'm planning for this week:


*Paleo Chorizo Potato Breakfast Bowls (I'm going to use ground turkey instead of chorizo and perhaps hash browns instead of roasted potatoes)


BBQ Chicken Casserole (from the Fed + Fit Cookbook)
Chicken Piccata Casserole (also from the Fed + Fit Cookbook)
Filipino Beef (but I'm going to make it into meatballs with ground beef because organic ground beef was super cheap at Costco so we have about 10 pounds of it...)
*Roasted Chicken Breast (seasoning + chicken breast = meals for days)
*Roasted veggies (peppers, onions, zucchini, mushrooms, and whatever else I can find in the fridge)
*Mashed cauliflower
*Zucchini noodles

Thinks marked with a * are what I'm going to prep ahead of time. I also have large quantities of frozen green beans in my freezer. Those have been the easiest/best veggie to add to my meals when I don't have enough veg. You can add them to the container still frozen and they will thaw during the day, even in the fridge. 

Also, I have found with the zucchini noodles that if I am going to microwave whatever meal has them, I don't need to cook them ahead of time, so they go into the container raw. They are thin enough that a minute or so of microwave time is enough to "cook" them. Also, I don't like my zucchini mushy so I tend to undercook it. If you aren't afraid of mushy zucchini, you might want to pre-cook your noodles a bit beforehand.

I'll build the meals I'll eat away from home with leftover veg, starch, and protein. Since I'm doing a macro plan, it works best to not have super complicated meals so I can get everything in the right quantity. 

Martha Rosenstein