After almost a year of vague symptoms that took five doctors and one very smart nurse practitioner to come up with an explanation for, I started considering the idea that lab tests and pills don’t offer a solution for everything that ails us.

Fatigue, headaches, anxiety, mental fog.

A co-worker who is a massage therapist offered me a massage and when I went to see her, she asked if she could use her oils during our massage. I agreed and from the second she rubbed some onto my feet I immediately felt relaxed and completely calm, a feeling I had not experienced in months.

Once my symptoms were under control with some supplements, I stopped sleeping well and starting having more anxiety. When my mom died unexpectedly in December 2015, the anxiety became unmanageable and I started looking for other solutions.

I have been using doTERRA essential oils ever since and I am a happier and healthier person because of them.

Growing up in Alaska, I've spent a lot of time in nature, and from a very young age, I knew that I wanted to work in healthcare. I became a nurse, and eventually a nurse practitioner, but along the journey to find better health for myself, I became interested in a holistic and integrative approach to wellness, rather than the mainstream approach practiced by so many health care professionals.

There’s so many self-care tools and practices that you may not get from a modern medical approach.

Essential oils have been a big part of that for me personally. I use them for things such as:

  • Peppermint for occasional head tension

  • Lavender for relaxation

  • Eucalyptus for respiratory support


Ever since I found doterra I have been trying to figure out
How a bunch of little bottles be so life changing for so many people?


What makes doTERRA essential oils different?

When I started looking into this question, I found out that doTERRA oils are carefully sourced from plants around the world and tested for potency and purity. This sounds like an obvious standard, but it’s not true of most essential oil companies.

In the same way that you can get food from your garden or buy it in a package – the quality and benefits are different.

Unfortunately, because there is no governing body related to these types of products, quality is often compromised with synthetic ingredients and dilution. After continuing to use doTERRA essential oils and learning about their benefits, it became clear that it was the missing piece to my own healthy lifestyle.




I believe the reason why so many people respond to these wonderful little bottles is because of what they represent.

They represent empowerment.

Essential oils can empower us to take control of our own health, they are especially powerful for those who have been let down repeatedly by the healthcare system.

Essential oils can help provide solutions for those things that Western medicine can’t explain or solve.

The give you the ability to control your acid reflux, daily headaches, chronic pain, or crippling anxiety. The ability to help yourself feel happy, calm, more energetic, and peaceful rather than focusing on your daily pain or struggles.

They empower you to help your children, parents, family, or friends feel better when they get sick without spending the time, money, and effort to see a doctor.

The best part is that most of my solutions are in my own control. I'm able to tailor and tweak them depending on what my body needs rather than what someone else thinks it does or does not need.

With a combination of Western and alternative medicine, I have become functional again. I no longer feel bone crushing fatigue or have overwhelming anxiety about nothing. 

When i started I knew nothing other than I wanted to
feel better ASAP and I was tired of relying on other people to help me

I can teach you how to incorporate essential oils into your busy life.

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in a stress free environment.

Essential oils present and extremely powerful opportunity to support and heal your body so that you can live a full and happy life!


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds that come from bark, seeds, flowers or leaves of plants and are used for health benefits. What makes essential oils unique for each plant is that they contain the volatile compounds that give rise to the aroma of a plant or flower. These oils can help support and work with our bodies to promote healing.

It’s important to remember that these extracts are highly concentrated. It can take thousands of pounds of plant material to create just a few ounces of essential oil. In most cases the essential oil is hundreds of times more concentrated than a dried herb itself. For example, 1 drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea!


One of the easiest and most powerful ways to experience essential oils is by inhalation. This can be done straight from the bottle or with an essential oil diffuser.   

Essential oil molecules bind to receptor sites on the olfactory cells in the nasal cavity when you inhale them. The olfactory cells then send signals to limbic system of brain.

The limbic system is responsible for memory, emotions, hormones, blood pressure, heart rate and elevation of endorphins and neurotransmitters (for example, seratonin and dopamine) in the brain. This is what makes essential oils so special. My favorite way to use essential oils is through my diffuser.

Click here to learn about some great oils + blends to diffuse.

Remember that not all essential oils are created equal. There is NO committee or governing body that regulates essential oils, their purity, quality, or the claims made by many essential oil companies

It is extremely important that you use only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that are sourced around the globe where they grow in their natural environment (because that's where the magic lives)

It is also important to choose a company that you can trust and who strives to provide you with access to the very best quality.

Essential Oils are so powerful and are being researched in depth. One of my favorite resources is Aromatic Science - you can find tons of research that is happening on their website!

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