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Hydration, Mood, and Fatigue

Dehydration is common among non-athletes and athletes alike. In the United States, an estimated 75% of Americans are not drinking enough waterAwareness around hydration status and health is increasing, but what many don't realize is that it goes beyond weight loss or maintaining hydration for athletic events. Scientists have discovered that dehydration affects cognition, concentration, ability to think clearly, and your ability to control your mood.

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6 Essential Oils For Your Next Race

Whether you are new to participating in athletic events or a seasoned athlete, you've probably experienced some pre-race jitters. Even if you have a rock solid digestive system, you've probably also had that experience of having to run to the bathroom on your way to the starting line. My guess is that you have also wished at some point or another that you had something that could help you feel better but not negatively impact your performance. Right?

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