Winter Survival Essentials


winter-survival-essentials Winter is coming, whether you like it or not (I love it)! I'm not holding my breath for a particularly good winter in Alaska this year (and by good I mean full of snow in case anyone was confused). But in light of the fact that it's supposed to snow here in Alaska today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things to get me through the winter.

This might be most useful for those of you who live in places that are suddenly experiencing brutal winters. Here's what I can't live without from October until April:


1. Body Butter: When the air gets cold and dries out, you're going to need something to keep your skin happy. I love FatFace products. They have a great body butter and face cream that makes all my skin happy all year round.


2. Bogs Boots: These boots are waterproof and warm! They are my go-to winter footwear. I always have cold feet, but these seem to keep me warm no matter what. They also have a decent grippy sole on them so you won't find yourself suddenly lying on the ground.

3. Ice spikes: When you live in the land of darkness, it is essential that you get outside at least once per day (preferably when it's light, but that's not always possible when the sun rises at 10am and sets at 2pm). For me that means running, but when it gets slippery that can be an interesting experience, so I use grippers on my shoes. I use some that are very similar to these and find that they work well and are the most comfortable of all the options out there. Some people love to stud their shoes, but I have not had good luck with that method.


4. Darn Tough Socks: I used to be a SmartWool girl, but after several pairs of my SmartWool socks wore out rather quickly with only moderate use and no sign of wear on my Darn Tough socks of the same approximate age, I decided to switch. The best part is that Darn Tough has a lifetime guarantee. I also love that these socks are made in the U.S. (Vermont I believe).

5. Good outerwear: I had a hard time deciding if it was more important to have a good hat or a good jacket, so I went with general outerwear. It's going to be impossible to enjoy winter weather (yes, I said enjoy) if you aren't properly clothed for it. People always used to think that I was immune to the cold because I'm from Alaska, but really I just know how to dress for it. My bare minimum essentials for outerwear are

Those three items will get you through almost any winter weather. Of course I have much more than those, but if you're just working on building a solid winter wardrobe, those are the items I would recommend you start with.


Martha Rosenstein