Why I Care About Essential Oils

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a Nurse Practitioner. I work in a clinic seeing patients and prescribing them medications for certain conditions or illnesses. This might surprise a lot of people since I talk a lot about not using medications to heal yourself and doing things like using essential oils or your diet instead. However, this is the reality of our medical system. I use whatever opportunities I can to speak with patients about more natural approaches, but a lot of them don't want to hear it or aren't ready to know that there's a different way to approach some of these things. 

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to understand that I 100% believe in using antibiotics, antidepressants, or pain medications when it's necessary. Dying of pneumonia because you don't "believe" in antibiotics is not acceptable. I also want you to understand that using more natural approaches can prevent you from getting to a place where you require something like antibiotics (I use antibiotics as an example because it's an easy target). Also know that if you try a more natural approach and it doesn't work, that is not failure. That is where you thank your lucky stars that you can still go to the doctor and get stronger medicine so you don't die. 

The current state of medical care in the United States is scary. It's expensive, many people are lacking health insurance, and many people who have health insurance can't afford a plan that gets them anything they need. A $5000 deductible is almost as bad as not having insurance for most people. The current state of our healthcare system in the United States is unknown. We are facing a huge amount of uncertainty. 

This is why I care about essential oils. 

Essential oils are safe tools that absolutely everyone can have in their homes. They give you the power to control you and your families health and wellbeing. They can take your health (or even your athletic performance) to the next level. They can help you boost your immune system, manage your mood, heal your skin, support your respiratory system, decrease inflammation, and so much more. 

The even better news is that they are so freaking safe. I recently read some statistics that said that adverse drug reactions are the FIFTH LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE UNITED STATES. As someone who prescribes drugs to people, that was incredibly scary for me to read. Cancer, heart disease, and stroke are essentially the only things that kill more people than adverse drug reactions. However essential oils, when used under the guidance of a practitioner, are responsible for ZERO deaths. How can you even argue with that? 

Essential oils are the answer to your fears about the healthcare system. If you could take steps at home to prevent a potential visit to the doctor, would you? If you feel a cold coming on and you put a few drops of your immune boosting essential oils into your diffuser and onto the bottoms of your feet (which costs about $0.13 per drop) and you felt better in a day or two, wouldn't that make you feel in control? The alternative is that you get sick, go to the doctor, spend $150+, and either get antibiotics or are told that you don't need antibiotics yet and come back if you don't feel better in five more days, which costs another $150. 

This comes from the place in my heart where I want to help people (which is why I became a nurse in the first place). If this idea that something in a tiny bottle can change your life doesn't sit well with you, no hard feelings here. If you're still curious or you want to experience this control and empowerment for yourself, send me an email, hello@marthaflorence.com, and I'll send you a sample (completely free to you). 

Who am I?? I am a Family Nurse practitioner with over eight years of clinical experience helping ordinary women cut through all the hype and figure out what actually works for their bodies. If you've ever been told by your healthcare provider that "it's all in your head" or that what you are going through is "normal," I can help! It's not all in your head and just because something is common doesn't mean it is normal.

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