whole30: done!

Done with my Whole30!  Given that I ate a few things that were not Whole30 approved, I'm going to go ahead and call it a Whole29.5.

While weight loss was not the goal, I lost 3lbs.  

I know some people have hugely profound thoughts about their experiences with Whole30, but I really have very few.  I think that's because it's not a huge departure from my normal way of eating.  The only things I went without over the last month were cream for my coffee and store-bought almond milk.  

Photo Jul 03, 10 12 09 AM

While it's hard for me to say if I feel better now than I did a month ago, I do know that I am far less hungry and can go longer between meals.  I have always been a snacker and notice that on days I go to work, my breakfast never holds me for more than a couple of hours.  Since I started eating more fat in the morning, I can easily go 3+ hours before my morning snack (most days...some days I'm just hungry).  

I don't have any intentions of staying strict Whole30 forever, but I don't know that much will change (other than cream and almond milk).  I haven't been eating added sugar for several months now, so it gives me a headache, but I think a little maple syrup will be something that shows up in my diet every once in awhile.  

Doing, have done, or planning a Whole30?  Share your thoughts in the comments!