whole30: days 17-20

Pardon the absence...work and exhaustion got in my way.  

Day 17:
Breakfast: veggie hash + shredded pork
Lunch: Leftover chili + salad
Dinner: Pork tenderloin + mashed cauliflower

Day 18:
Breakfast: veggie hash + shredded beef + eggs

Photo Jun 22, 9 45 09 AM

Lunch: Leftovers of some sort (I honestly don't remember)
Dinner: Veggie and chicken sausage saute

Photo Jun 22, 9 47 51 AM

Day 19
Breakfast: eggs and sausage
Lunch: Leftover Greek chicken
Dinner: onions, peppers, collards, and shredded beef 

Day 20

This is where things fall apart a bit.  I ran a half marathon and felt like barfing from about mile 10 until 6 hours after I finished...so I pretty much ate whatever sounded good...most of which was not Whole30 approved.

Breakfast: sauteed collards + leftover chili + eggs

Photo Jun 22, 9 50 34 AM

Lunch: kombucha + salt and vinegar chips (post race meal of champions!)

Photo Jun 21, 12 26 59 PM

Dinner: sushi...

Photo Jun 21, 6 59 02 PM

As far as I can tell I have suffered no ill effects from eating any of these foods (except for the oxidation of the oil in the chips...but I'm going to pretend that didn't happen and move on).  

More on my race and other happenings after I've had my coffee!