whole30: day 8

So, just to confuse people, I decided I am going to start posting all my things here (rather than maintaining two blogs...it's easier and less confusing).  This decision took a lot of thinking and discussing with my business partner...

Photo Jun 09, 7 23 34 PM

After her pointed remarks on the matter, I might promote her to Director of Decision Making.  

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As I mentioned in my day 7 post, we ran out of eggs at dinner last Sunday night (pretty much the biggest tragedy on the face of the earth).  Thus...we went out for breakfast.  Probably not the greatest idea since I am trying to eat cleanly, but desperate times call for desperate measures (and going out for breakfast was definitely easier than going to the store for eggs).

I had an omelette with avocado, peppers, onion, and bacon.  There was sour cream on top which I scraped off, although I may have consumed the residue. I scraped it off with my fork and then made JRW lick my fork, he asked if I needed him to lick my omelette too...I declined.  

It came with potatoes.  I ate one and decided that potatoes are just a vessel for ketchup, so I stopped and passed them off on my non-Whole30 BF.  

Surf & turf salad - spring mix with cucumber, a chopped up salmon patty, and two chopped up turkey meat balls...surf & turf!. I mixed some Zingy Ginger dressing with homemade mayo for the dressing.  

Photo Jun 09, 7 18 05 PM

If you are super observant and noted that the avocado looks a little scarce, that's because it's a quarter of an avocado...who leaves a quarter of an avocado in the fridge?? They are meant to be eating in halves or wholes.  If you have too much for what you need, just eat the rest of it plain. DUH! 

BBQ chicken (marinated in lime, dijon mustard, chili powder, and olive oil), mashed sweet potatoes, and roasted veggies.  

Photo Jun 09, 7 18 37 PM