whole30: day 16

Are you getting tired of seeing photos of my food yet?  I'm getting tired of trying to remember to take them before I eat!

Scrambled eggs w/ pulled pork and kale + coffee + flipboard

Photo Jun 17, 8 46 11 PM

Some random leftovers - meatloaf, veggies, nuts

Greek chicken + sweet potato + sauteed collard greens

Photo Jun 17, 8 46 43 PM

Despite the fact that I was utterly exhausted all day (like, fell asleep on my textbook exhausted), I managed to go for a run. 3.5 miles with a friend (who carries bear spray...added bonus!), but it was painful.  My hydration status was less than optimal and the temp was much warmer than expected.  

Pre-run selfie!

Photo Jun 17, 8 47 33 PM

Mostly I went for my four-legged friend who has gone without exercise for 48+ hours and that made her crazy! When I asked her if she wanted to go running she did a couple of full speed laps around the house, launched herself off the stairs and over the couch, and then ran into a chair...after that she decided to go sit by the door and wait for me.  

Happy Wednesday (which is my Monday this week...boo)!