whole30: day 15

Another exciting day of studying...and a trip to Costco, always a good time around here I tell you!


Veggie hash + shredded pork (no eggs!)

Photo Jun 16, 10 38 41 AM


Leftover tomato and avocado salad + leftover sausage

Photo Jun 16, 7 46 11 PMI was accused of stealing all the "good parts" for lunch today (avocado and sausage).  There was two sausages and only enough peppers and onions to go with one, so I was trying to be nice and just eat the sausage with something that didn't match as well...oh well, I guess you can't win them all!


Bacon, beef, and sweet potato chili + carrots + strawberries

Photo Jun 16, 7 53 12 PM

I know, the "side dishes" don't match the main course.  I was lazy uninspired and just cut up the first two things I saw in the fridge when I opened it.  It worked (in the sense that it was food and we ate it).  The chili was delicious.