whole30: day 14

I spent my whole morning doing school work again, and then went off to have Father's Day coffee with my dad.  After that...more school work.  Finally, around 6:15pm I got myself motivated to go running.  

Ground turkey, shredded brussels sprouts, and eggs

Leftover meatballs, kraut, and a handful of nuts

Post workout snack: 
Mango and orange smoothie (just a whole orange and some frozen mango chunks...delicious)

Lemon Artichoke Chicken (from Practical Paleo*) and avocado and tomato salad 

Photo Jun 15, 8 42 51 PM

I have also been consistently drinking coffee again.  It definitely keeps me from sleeping all day, which at this point is kind of a necessity (not to sleep all day).  I've been making pseudo Bulletproof Coffee with ghee, coconut oil, and a spoonful of coconut milk (since I'm avoiding dairy right now) and that seems to be working out just fine (I'm not a huge fan of coconut milk in my coffee, but it's better than no coffee right now).  

If you need something to read instead of doing work this Monday morning, I suggest checking out Diane's blog (she wrote Practical Paleo).  She has a lot of good information and recipes.  

*Affiliate link...click here to see what that means.