whole30: day 13

Most of my day involved this...

Photo Jun 14, 9 56 30 PM

I've ignored my school work for about a week now, and am paying the price.  I spent several hours learning the finer points of renal physiology (definitely not as exciting as it sounds) and throwing together a video summarizing an interview I had to do.  Good thing I specialize in last minute works of genius.  

Veggie hash + pork + eggs 

This is seriously one of the most filling things I have ever eaten.  I can barely eat what's on my plate (~2/3 cup of hash, ~1/2 cup of pork, and two eggs) and am full for hours!  

Handful of pecans + the last lonely blueberry breakfast sausage

The last lonely salmon cake topped with mayo 

Sausage + onions and peppers + roast butternut squash

There was definitely a lack of green veggies in my day, which was mostly due to laziness on my part.