whole30: day 12

First of all, I'd like to say that being in charge at work on full moon Friday the 13th proved to be no big deal.  We were all a little worried about the day, but it was manageable and nothing too weird happened.  Take that cosmos!!

On to food.  The only transgression I suffered was one bite of a delicious looking (store bought) macaroon.  It was not as delicious as it looked and one bite was as far as it went.  

Veggie hash, pulled pork, and two eggs

Leftover flank steak and veggies + roasted vegetables (I ate my lunch in courses since I got called away from it the first time...occupational hazard)

Turkey meatloaf with homemade BBQ sauce, sweet potato, and sauteed collard greens

Photo Jun 14, 10 51 46 AM

I am supposed to run 10 miles today, but I'm awfully tired.  So I think I'll be catching up on school work and napping today and tackling 10 miles tomorrow.  

Happy Saturday!