whole30: day 11

A successful crappy food free work day (this time there was chocolate and chocolate cake to tempt me...but I stuck with my delicious and nutritions real food)!  


Root vegetable hash + pulled pork + fried eggs

Photo Jun 12, 8 40 28 PMSo. Good.

I'm not going to lie...I had to consult Google when I was buying turnips and parsnips just to make sure I got the right thing.  The signs for rutabagas and turnips were next to each other and I had no idea what the difference was...so a little Google search led me in the right direction.  


Salad topped with chopped leftover salmon cake + half a green pepper


Lamb meatballs + olive and tomato salad

I probably could have consumed more veggies with dinner, but when you work 12 hours trying to keep people alive and then have to go back to work 11 hours later (and it will be a full moon on Friday the 13th, not an ideal combo) ...things like cooking veggies become very unimportant.