whirlwind trip through chicago

We are headed out of the country this evening! After spending just over two days in Chicago, the rest of our adventure is happening!

We arrived here in Chicago on Thursday morning, picked up our rental car, got some coffee and headed to Grandma's house.  After eating a quick breakfast, we took a nap.  Then we ate lunch, and not long after that...dinner!  The best thing about being here is that everyone wants to feed us!

My aunt and three of my cousins came over for dinner on Thursday night (my uncle was working late).  

Friday morning we had to go rescue our rental car from the impound lot (someone forgot to tell us where we couldn't park at her house...).  Then we headed downtown for lunch and a trip to the Field Museum.

Photo Jan 10, 12 06 12We saw all kinds of exciting things and may have put an end to our "see the oldest thing" game that we started in Turkey two years ago (currently a 150 million year old dinosaur bone is the winning item).

Photo Jan 10, 15 18 04We left the museum at 4:30pm and battled Friday rush hour traffic and almost freezing torrential dounpours to get home for dinner.  It took us way longer than it should have!

We ate dinner at my aunt and uncle's house.  My other aunt and uncle and their two kids made the trek from Indiana to come see us.  Even though it was a super short visit, it was nice to see everyone (I haven't met some of the cousins...the oldsest of my cousins on this side of my family is 21 years younger than me). 

This morning we are doing laundry and repacking for our hop across the Atlantic.  

Hopefully I'll have another update soon! If you want to keep closer tabs on me, I've been posting to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pretty frequently (links to the right).  

Martha Rosenstein, FNP