well fed 2

Well Fed 2* by Melissa Joulwan is of my favorite cookbooks.  I own both Well Fed and Well Fed 2, but I think Well Fed 2 is by far my favorite.  Melissa definitely outdid herself with this one.  

In addition to the amazing recipes (I've already proclaimed my love for SB&J burgers multiple times), one of my favorite things about it is that it gives you lots of options and ideas for variations, but still walks you through the recipes in detail if you are afraid to experiment.  

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I bought the Kindle version of this book (and her first cookbook, Well Fed*) because I am all about instant gratification...but now I kind of wish that I had the actual books as I think I am missing out on some of the experience by owning the electronic version. Plus, it's much easier to make notes on paper books than it is to try an do so in an electronic book...and electronic books are harder to flip through when and flip between recipes when making multiple things from the same book.   

I am generally hesitant to buy cookbooks since there is so much available for free on the ol' interwebz.  But, I was looking for some new inspiration and not just some iteration of the same stuff that's flowing through the tubes of the internet (the internet IS a series of tubes after all).  I definitely got it with this book.  The recipes are delicious and the possibilities are endless (there's a section at the end of almost every recipe with ideas for variations and substitutions).  

You really can't go wrong with this book, especially if you need a little inspiration in the kitchen (she has a section just devoted to burger toppings...yum)!

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