Weekly Training Recap (9/7 - 9/13)


fall run My goal for this week was all about balance, but that didn't happen. I got in a few good workouts...but I didn't swim...at all. I'm putting that setback behind me and trying again this week.

I wanted to go for a bike ride on Saturday but it insisted on raining all day long. I suppose I could have gone for a run, but after my rainy run on Friday...and the fact that I left my pants in a soggy pile on the floor...make it challenging to do anything (excuses, I know).

Monday: 55 minute (9.7 miles)

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 30 minute run (2.2 miles)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 25 minute run (2.1 miles)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 30 minute run (2.4 miles)

Week Total: 2:19 (bike – 0:55, run – 1:24) 

I'm reinstating my goal for last week...balance. I hope to swim at least two days and bike at least twice too.

Martha Rosenstein