Weekly Training Recap (9/21-9/27)


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After feeling pretty good about my workouts last week, it is not at all surprising that I wasn't feeling it this week. I only swam one day in the interest of extra sleep. Me and my swimming accountability partner meet at 6am on swim days, those are challenging days...and they're only going to get worse when we have to start our swims earlier because we need to workout longer. Ugh. #triathlontrainingproblems

Here's the recap of this week's training:

Monday: Rest!

Tuesday: 52 minute easy bike ride (10.3 miles)

Wednesday: 32 minute run (2.4 miles) + 20 minutes of Insanity - I was SO not feeling this run. It was kind of chilly and I had a hard time figuring out what to wear. These strange Alaskan in between seasons are the most challenging when it comes to getting dressed for outdoor recreation.

Thursday: 40 minute swim (800 yards) - Also not really feeling this swim. I knew I was getting tired towards the end when I started getting water up my nose...so I didn't push myself too hard for fear of drowning.

Friday: 30 minutes lower body strength - It was windy outside and I was tired so I changed my plans (I was going to go for a bike ride) and worked out in my living room.

Saturday: 32 minute run (2.6 miles) - This run was much better than Wednesday's run. It was misty (but not really raining) and I managed to be a little more enthusiastic.

Sunday: Rest - It was POURING rain all day and I just didn't try very hard to make an alternate plan.

Week Total: 2:37 (swim – 0:40, bike – 0:52, run – 1:04) 

It's supposed to snow early this week so I guess I should expedite my winter training plans so I don't get completely derailed when I can't ride my bike outside.

Martha Rosenstein