Weekly Training Recap (9/14-9/20)


fall scenery This week has been much better in terms of balancing my current three sports! I finally know what it feels like to do all three things in one week. Ideally I'd like to only have one rest day during the week, but Thursday just got away from me (I think there was a nap involved).

training 9-14 to 9-20

Monday: 40 minute bike (7.7 miles)

Tuesday: Rest (busy day at work, planned rest day)

Wednesday: 40 minute swim (850 yards)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 45 minute swim (1000 yards); 30 minute run (2.6 miles)

Saturday 1 hour bike (12 miles)

Sunday: 40 minute run (3.5 miles)

Week Total: 4:15 (swim - 1:25, bike – 1:38, run – 1:12) 

Please note that I spent twice as much time training this week as I did last week, and for the most part I feel pretty darn good (I've also been very conscious of getting enough sleep...hence the nap on Thursday)!

Also, I was psyched about the fact that my run on Friday was one of the fastest runs I've had in a long time. Not that I was actually trying to run fast (I was kind of just going with what felt good), but it was especially surprising given that I also swam over a half mile that morning (which is almost double what I've been swimming). I have a sneaking suspicion that it has everything to do with my lack of performance expectations. Funny how that works...

My goals for next week are to do almost exactly the same thing I did this week but with another run day (I'm trying to swim/run on the same days) and to get more sleep. I got 8+ hours 4 days this week. Ideally I should be getting that amount every day.


Martha Rosenstein