weekly training recap (8/31-9/6)

fall colors fall run Triathlon training is a whole new ballgame for me. I still haven't quite figured out how to balance all three parts within a week. It's also challenging to remember that my training is now focused on time, not distance.

My default exercise is running, it's easy for me to just go and do it, but I've been doing a lot of swimming because that's what I'm weakest at (and if I can't swim a mile by the time race day rolls around there's a strong possibility of drowning). I have been doing a miserable job of biking, which is surprising because that almost seems like less work than running, but yet it almost never happens.

I'm also still struggling with incorporating strength training as well. Mostly I need to get over my mental block against doing more than one workout in a day. It just gets tricky when you have to include time to do school work in there. I'm not sure any of this is worth getting up before 5am (I already get up at 5 most days).

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30 minute swim (550 yds)

Wednesday: PiYo x 20 minutes

Thursday: 35 minute swim (600 yds)

Friday: 60 minute swim (swim lesson)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 3.3 mile run (40 minutes)

Week Total: 2:43 (swim - 2:05, run - 0:38) 

My goal for this week is to find more balance. I'd like to bike at least twice and have one more run day. I'm not following any specific training plan right now, that will start in November. Right now I'm just trying to get a base in each sport and figure out how to balance all of them.

Have a great week!


Martha Rosenstein