Election Thoughts + Links That Are Not Political: Weekend Links 11/2

I wanted to share something I posted on Facebook the day after the election. It has nothing to do with how I feel about the outcome. It's more about how I feel about how everyone else reacted (poorly, both sides): 

1. The future is uncertain. It always has been and it always will be. Just because your candidate won, that does not mean that you will get what you want. Just because your candidate lost, it does not mean that all hope is lost.
2. Regardless of how you feel this morning, please choose an attitude of love and respect towards your fellow humans. Remember when you were a kid and you played a soccer game and then had to shake hands with the other team and say “good game”? Let’s do that today. Congratulate each other on a game well played (whether or not it was is not up for debate at this time), go celebrate or lick your wounds, and come back to the playground and be friends again just like you were two days ago.
3. Spreading a message of hate and disrespect will not get us anywhere. We live in America where you get to vote for whoever you want (and you don’t have to tell anyone who that was). Be glad for that. Be glad that you live in a place where you can disagree with your neighbor and still be neighbors. No one has actually done anything yet that is worthy of your message of hate. Save that energy for something productive. Do something nice for someone else today and see how that makes you feel, how it makes them feel. Remember that feeling.
4. Use this opportunity to teach your children (or yourself) how to love and respect others. How to agree to disagree and not let it ruin relationships. Teach them how to stand up for what they believe in without being jerks or thinking they are entitled to something just for being alive. Teach them how to be a gracious loser or winner. How not to gloat. How to accept things they don’t like and move on.
5. If this is a negative for you, find a way to turn it into something good. If this is a positive for you, find a way to respectfully help someone else understand why and how it can be a positive for them too. We're all in this together.

On to some links that will help distract you from the deluge of anger, fear, hatred, and speculation that is all over the news right now. 

The 18 Best TV Shows Airing Right Now // So you have something to watch other than the news or your Facebook feed. 

Speaking of Facebook feeds, I have made it my mission to post nothing but messages of love and acceptance on FB for awhile. I'm only one person, but I really don't care about that. Join me? I've adopted the hashtag #TeamHuman from Kristen Bell...because whether we like it or not...we are all on Team Human. 

Emma Watson is Scattering Free Books Through the London Underground // In Anchorage, AK we have "little free libraries" where people put books out in kind of hidden but public places for people to share. I like this idea better. It's like a book treasure hunt! 

Daylight Is Dwindling Here's How to Survive the Wintertime Blues // Living in Alaska we get far less daylight than most places in the winter. So here's some tips from people who truly know how to survive a dark winter. 

University of Alaska Reveres Proposal to Cut Ski and Track Teams // This may not be a big deal to you in whatever part of the world you live in, but cutting skiing at the University level in Alaska would have been a huge hit to this state. Alaskans love their skiing and skiers of all ages and levels did an amazing job coming together to talk about why this shouldn't happen. If you want to read some powerfully positive words, check them out on the Save Alaska Skiing Facebook group.

Now, go forth and spread some love, friends. Be kind to people, give free hugs, buy a stranger coffee, smile at someone, ask them how they are doing. Seriously. I'm not even kidding. If we, as Americans, are going to survive, we need to get our shit together and act like respectful, responsible adults. That is all. 

Martha Rosenstein