weekend adventures: merry marmot festival

This weekend was the annual Merry Marmot Festival at Arctic Valley.  I've missed the last couple of years because of work...and apparently missing last year was not a bad thing...I believe it snowed a whole bunch and the road was a giant sheet of ice!

This year after weeks of beautiful sunny weather, it decided to cloud up on Saturday, but it was still pleasantly warm and the clouds were thin, so the weather was still lovely.

I headed up the hill about noon armed with my camera and a goal of taking photos of something other than the downhill dummy launch.  When we were organizing this years event, we realized that we had very few photos of any of the other events.  

Here are a few shots from the day: 

2014-04-05-IMG_6013 2014-04-05-IMG_6019 2014-04-05-IMG_60292014-04-05-IMG_6040 (1) 2014-04-05-IMG_60482014-04-05-IMG_6091

After the events there was a taco bar for dinner and lots of music.  

We astayed the night at the hill in a friends motor home.  It was really nice to not have to make the drive home, and John and the other people responsible for running the place had to be back early Sunday morning, so it made their commute much shorter.  

Sunday morning we made breakfast and had coffee before everyone got to work.  I always love it when the AV crew gets together because there is always a large variety of delicious food and everyone pitches in to help (I actually stopped helping because I was just getting in the way).  

2014-04-06-IMG_6160 2014-04-06-IMG_6161
(yes, John made coffee for everyone in his pajamas)

After breakfast I headed home and took a two hour nap.  Kiva did too, she apparently did not sleep well in the car, even though she snubbed the cozy towel nest I made for her in the back for my jacket on the front seat.  


Martha Rosenstein, FNP