vacation recap part 2: the cruise

After surviving our three hour drive from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale, we were very relieved to arrive at the port.  Amanda was already on board the ship and waiting for us to check in and get onboard.  

We dropped our suitcases, Heather parked the car, and then we checked in.  It was a relatively painless process, minus the fact that Annie did not print her documents...even though she knows better.  Once on board we went to our room to find Amanda.  Then it was lunch time!  Once we returned from lunch we found that our suitcases had arrived and began the process of fitting the luggage of four girls into a 50 sq foot stateroom.  Not an easy task, but we handled it like champs.  

I will not bore you with the details of the next seven days.  We relaxed, we laughed, we ate (another post about that coming soon), we got sunburns, we exercised a bit, and overall just had a lot of fun.  

Here are some photos of the ship and of our stop in Haiti (not real Haiti, Royal Caribbean's private resort version of Haiti).  That's the only place I got off the ship.  During the rest of our port days, I enjoyed the lack of people on the ship.  It was wonderful.

Labadee, Haiti (where it was so hot I sweat off all my sunscreen)

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And around the ship...

Schooner Bar where we did daily 5:15pm trivia
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The Promenade
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The Boardwalk
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Central Park (my favorite part of the ship)
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The back of the ship
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My favorite pool (there were four pools total...)
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The Solarium (no kids allowed!)
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While I was relatively unimpressed by the ship (yes it was huge, but it didn't have anything that was terribly different or exciting from any other cruise ship), I was impressed by the fact that there were 5,000 people on board and it didn't often feel like it.  There were times and places that we knew to avoid in order to avoid crowds, but for the most part we were never inconvenienced by large amounts of people.  

Overall, an excellent week at sea!

Martha Rosenstein, FNP