utah ski weekend

By the time we got on the plane to come home yesterday afternoon, I was wobbly and exhausted...I'm taking both of those as signs of a successful ski weekend.

We arrived in SLC on Thursday afternoon.  We were both pretty tired from flying all night so we headed to the hotel where we watched the Olympics and napped.  

Photo Feb 20, 7 31 17 Photo Feb 20, 7 34 28
After our nap it was time for lunch.  I was super excited to discover that Utah has In-N-Out Burger!  

In-N-Out Utah

Rather than going back to the hotel, where we would inevitably fall asleep again, we went for a drive and ate an early dinner. 

Photo Feb 20, 14 46 41 Photo Feb 20, 15 21 56
Friday we skied at Alta.

Photo Feb 21, 6 17 29 Photo Feb 21, 15 40 48 Photo Feb 21, 9 01 41
I had 3 miles of running on my training plan, so I took care of that after we were done skiing for the day.  After that I was STARVING, so we went in search of dinner.  We ate at a pizza place where they make everything fresh (including the ricotta!).  We sat right by the kitchen, which was obviously where they put the people who looked like they had skied all day...but it was fun to watch the chef work his magic.  

Saturday we skied at Solitude, which was my favorite day of skiing.  It started out kind of snowy but eventually cleared up (less than an inch of snow fell).  

I skied some trees...about three turns worth and not well, and the steepest run of the weekend (37° slope according to Ski Tracks)...that's what I get for following John around!

Photo Feb 23, 5 38 51 Photo Feb 22, 9 06 10
I also finally remembered to download the Ski Tracks app. Unfortunately I missed our first day at Alta, I would have liked to see the stats.

Photo Feb 22, 14 20 48

Saturday night we celebrated National Margarita Day and had Mexican food at the Red Iguana.  It was delicious.  

Photo Feb 22, 16 21 21

Sunday we had a rest day.  We had breakfast with my friend Wade and his family, and then drove to Park City and poked around for the afternoon.

Photo Feb 23, 12 13 39 Photo Feb 23, 12 14 25 Photo Feb 23, 19 50 23

The ski lift in the last photo is called the Town Lift and it goes right into town. 

Monday we decided to venture out to Powder Mountain.  We were both pretty tired, so there was some fairly unenthusiastic skiing happening.  However, it was a beautiful day (for the first part anyway) and we made the most of it.


Photo Feb 24, 7 43 15 Photo Feb 24, 17 09 21 Powder Mountain tracks
On Tuesday, our plan was to ski at Alta again until we had to go to the airport.  We managed to get there at the same time as the 70+ Ski Club outing and were surrounded by old people who couldn't figure out how the RFID readers at the lifts worked.  By that point we were both pretty tired, the skiing was mediocre and the mountain was crowded, so we called it quits just after 12, packed up our stuff, and went in search of lunch before heading to the airport.

Photo Feb 25, 6 51 05 Photo Feb 25, 8 50 13 Photo Feb 26, 13 54 39

Overall we had a great weekend, even if there was no powder (Utah is having a bad snow year).  There was tons of sun and it was fun to ski so many different places...and I always like hanging out with John.  

Martha Rosenstein, FNP