Last weekend John and I went skiing in Utah.  He had been in Provo all week for a recruiting trip, and I flew down on Friday to join him.  My auntie Ellie was also down there for the Outdoor Retailers show, which I got to join her for.  That was a great way to start my weekend off.  A giant convention center filled with outdoor gear...yes please!  Although we were busy getting the scoop on all of next year's gear, I had a lot of fun. Then we skied the rest of the weekend.  The weather on Saturday was snowy and windy, but the skiing was still amazing (it was nothing compared to storm skiing at Alyeska).  We skied at Alta on Saturday (I don't have any pictures because of the weather), Snowbasin on Sunday, and again at Alta/Snowbird on Monday. Snowbasin: Alta/Snowbird: This is the view from 11,000 feet.  Pretty amazing. We decided that we are probably moving to Salt Lake in three-ish years (when John can sell his house).  We always talked about moving to Portland or Seattle, but the mountains are too far away there.  In Salt Lake good skiing is 30-45 minutes away and it has all the other outdoor activities we like.

Martha Rosenstein, FNP