Training + Meal Recap {week of 7/11}

After several weeks of not really running, I've finally managed to get myself back in the game...which is good considering I have a race coming up. I was out of town for a conference for the end of the week and the weekend so I had to move things around and ended up trading a run for a walk. But at this point, miles are miles no matter how they happen. 


Sadly I ended up with a stomach bug on Monday, which ruined my running plans for Tuesday and Wednesday. So I rearranged things and planned to run Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. I also ended up skipping all my cross training this week because of being sick and traveling.

Well, since I was out of town, things didn't go according to schedule (it was fine, but bad for running) and I missed my opportunity to run on Thursday. I did 8 miles on Friday morning. It was supposed to be a progression run and I guess it was because it got harder, but not faster. That's always frustrating, but sometimes you just have to roll with it. Or run with it.

Saturday I ended up walking 6 miles, which I decided more than made up for my missed 4 mile run on Thursday. Time on feet, right?

Sunday morning I got up super early and got my 10 miles in. I just realized that I mixed up what was supposed to happen this week vs. last week and apparently that run was supposed to be a fast finish. It wasn't really, but I did push myself the last few miles because I was feeling surprisingly good after not doing a lot of running. Sometimes I surprise myself. 

Planned Actual
Monday Rest/XT Rest (sick)
Tuesday 4 mi easy Rest (sick)
Wednesday 8 mi progression Rest - work/travel day
Thursday Swim Rest
Friday Bike 8 mi
Saturday Rest/Cross Train 6 mile walk
Sunday 10 mi w/ fast finish 10 mi easy
Totals 22 mi 24 mi
(18mi running)


This week was an interesting assortment of meals. The week started with me eating nothing because I was sick and sure I was going to puke and ended with me eating one too many servings of ice cream...because, why not?


I made egg muffins from Practical Paleo because while I was sick all I felt like eating were eggs, but I got a little tired of scrambling them. If you don't have this book, it's seriously amazing for giving you simple real food recipes. It's really how I learned all about paleo and real food and it got me started with the way I still eat today. Also, the updated SECOND EDITION is coming out in the fall with new and updated recipes!

On Wednesday evening I headed up to Fairbanks for a conference. Fortunately the hotel we stayed in was pretty much an apartment with a normal sized fridge and whole kitchen so we were able to go to the store and get a few essentials to make healthy breakfasts. I ended up eating hard boiled eggs, fruit, turkey, and yogurt on the two days that I ran. 

I don't usually eat a lot of yogurt, but after being sick I definitely wanted some probiotics to make my gut happy again. I also got goat's milk yogurt because I like it the best and I seem to tolerate it just fine for a few days. 


I honestly don't remember what I ate on Friday morning. Maybe just two hard boiled eggs and an apple? 

I ate some pretty tasty dinners too. Thursday night was a catered event with tasty finger food, Friday we went out to a restaurant where I had a delicious burger with reindeer sausage on it. Um, yum! Then on Saturday I had falafel. No it wasn't gluten-free or even close to paleo really, but I walked 6 miles roundtrip to get it, so it was 100% worth it. There was also multiple ice cream events. It's hard to pass up local ice cream...especially when there's delicious flavors like coconut, earl grey (my favorite), and ginger. I don't regret a single bite!


Now I'm back home and ready to eat some "normal" food again. Traveling is always fun, but it's also nice to get back into a normal routine, especially when it comes to food.

How do you deal with sticking to your food goals during travel?