Training Recap {week of 5/9}

Another solid week of training in the books. I had to do a bit of rearranging, but nothing too serious, and I still managed to get all my workouts in (except for my swim, but the pool was unexpectedly closed, so that's totally not my fault).

I'm on vacation for this week and next week, so I've been taking my own advice and making sure to get my workouts in early in the day so I can't use the excuse that I don't have time.

Planned Actual
Monday Rest/XT Rest
Tuesday 4 mi easy Rest
Wednesday Swim 3 mi easy (11:32 avg pace)
Thursday 4 mi hills 4 mi hills
w/ 5 x 30 sec hard (10:45 avg pace)
Friday 4 mi easy Rest (travel day)
Saturday Rest/Cross Train 4 mi easy (10:45 avg pace
Sunday 8 mi easy 8 mi easy (11:11 avg pace)
Totals 20 mi 19 mi

My run on Saturday was a little bit of a struggle, probably because I didn't drink enough water on Friday and spent 6 hours on a plane, which is basically the equivalent of being in the desert when it comes to hydration issues. My long run was also a little bit of a struggle due to the fact that the wind was at my back for the first 4 miles (which I didn't realize until I turned around) making it very hot and uncomfortably sweaty. I ended up switching to run 4:00/walk 1:00 after a mile because I didn't think I would make it otherwise. Apparently that allowed me to run faster overall...whatever works!

How do you keep yourself moving forward even when you're ready to quit? 

Martha Rosenstein