Training Recap {week of 5/2}

I'm bringing back the training recap...mostly because I need a place to be accountable and recap for myself what happened over the week. 

This week and next week are ease back into mostly running weeks. No pace targets, just easy runs with a few harder efforts thrown in. I feel great about the way things went. I actually did all the workouts on my schedule (I have a hard time with that sometimes) and I tried really hard to focus on my effort rather than anything my watch was telling me. 

My body did a little bit of complaining about mostly running. I think it really liked multi sport training. I have a wonky hip and an angry foot, but right now nothing too serious...and they are just reminding me to warm up properly and to do some strength exercises too (I think my hip is actually due to weak glutes so I've been doing some glute activation exercises before I go run and that has been helping). 

I'm trying to work swimming into my training at least once a week because I don't want to lose all the hard work I did over the past year to get me where I am with that. In the fall I'm going to start going to a swim group to prepare for next year's Lavaman (which I'll be signing up for this week!). But for now it will just be once a week with focus on technique and overall fitness.

Here's what week 1 of my Bridge of the God's Half Marathon training looked like:

Planned Actual
Monday 4 mi easy 4 mi easy (11:24 avg pace)
Tuesday 4 mi easy Rest
Wednesday Rest/Cross Train 4 mi easy (11:43 avg pace)
Thursday 4 mi easy 4 mi easy (11:11 avg pace)
Friday Swim 40:00; 1,000 yards
Saturday Rest/Cross Train Rest
Sunday 6 mi easy
4x100M strides
6 mi easy (11:24 avg pace)
Totals 18 mi 18 mi

I am also back on a macro plan (which will get a little less specific at the end of the week when I go on vacation for two weeks), which has been a little bit of an adjustment as far as getting the timing right for eating. It's working thought, and I'm excited about it. I'll definitely do a post sometime soon about what I'm doing.

Are you training for a race? 

Martha Rosenstein