this week in exercise...




This photo pretty much says it all.  

Photo Dec 25, 10 38 01

Unplanned rest day due to the fact that it was quite cold...and we had three different family events to attend. 

3.8 mi skate ski, 48:00

Still chilly, but at least it made it several degrees above zero!

Photo Dec 26, 15 10 17

3.75 mi, 51:58 (13:52 pace)

I ended up driving part way up Arctic Valley Road because it was much warmer up there (my run started out at 12°F instead of 4°F).  Because of the fact that the road goes up a was slow going.
Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 7.41.07 PMKiva had fun keeping an eye out for wild animals, and scaling the snow berms on the side of the road.
Photo Dec 27, 15 43 56
4 mi, 50:35 (12:36 pace)
Snow + woods + dark + running = perfection
It was a bit of a slow slog over the part of the bike path that is groomed for skiing, but once I hit the part that gets plowed it was a little better.  My legs were tired and sore from my run up AV Road on Friday...not breaking any speed records here!
Week Total: 11.56 miles
2013 Total: 605.4 miles