the inside of my training log

Way back in January when I posted about making a new training log, someone commented that they were all excited to see what the inside looked like...but I never showed it.  I pointed out at the time that there was nothing inside.  Well, now the inside is filling up and I can share the way I track my training.

I've been through may iterations of how exactly I want to write down my training.  I like data (miles, time, etc.) but I also think that noting other details (weather, how I felt, etc.) is important.  At first I had a monthly page and then weekly pages set up, but that caused me not to record my information in a timely manner because I needed to actually draw the lines and make the pages.  

Recently, I settled on a weekly overview + daily info.  This requires the least amount of setup, but allows me to put in all the important info.

training log1 training log2 training log3
I put my scheduled workouts in the little grid at the top of the page.  I record my daily information in narrative style on the page below that.  Then at the end of the week, I record my totals (miles, hours, and yearly total) at the bottom of the page.  

Simple and fast (unlike my current not fast right now)!