the day we almost had no money

After breakfast this morning, we attempted to get money from the ATM and then planned to go see some castles just outside of town. The only problem was that neither of our ATM cards worked (we even have different banks). This caused our plans to change, because although it's quite cheap here, there's not much two people can do with 10 RON (just over $3). So we decided to hike up Mt. Tampa (~3000 ft high) which is just outside the city walls (and bears the Hollywood-esque "Brasov" sign at the top). It was a very nice hike. It was sunny and cool, perfect for hiking.The view of the city from the top was excellent, and we discovered that you could see the Transylvanian Alps as well (they look very similar to the Alaska Range from where we were standing). After we came down, we were starving, so we tried another ATM and it worked! We celebrated with shwarmas (yes, we are going to Turkey where I am positive the shwarmas are better) and ice cream. Armed with money, we went to see the inside of the Black Church. It was pretty generic as far as churches are concerned. Photography is prohibited, but I had to sneak a few photos with my cell phone. After a rest at our hotel, we headed to Bistro de L'Arte for dinner. I had schnitzel (it was amazing), John had pasta, and we enjoyed their recommended chocolate fondue for dessert (it was our most expensive meal...$30, and we each had a drink). Tomorrow we are going to see the castles.

Martha Rosenstein, FNP