Self Love


Since I think that Valentine's Day is the dumbest holiday on the face of the earth (if you need a specific day to tell/show someone you love them, you have issues), I've decided to celebrate/promote self love, because that is something that no one practices enough!

I believe that in order for you to be healthy, you must first be happy (healthy from the inside out). If you do not love yourself completely, you will never find happiness or be satisfied with yourself or your life, no matter how hard you try. 

So, instead of proclaiming your love for others this month, commit to practicing some self love. It won't be easy, and like all things some days will be harder than others. But it will be worth it in the end. Practice loving yourself no matter what you see in the mirror, no matter what you eat, whether or not you exercise, or if you eat a cupcake and sit on the couch instead of working out. None of these things are measures of your worth, but in order for you to let those things go, you need to believe that you are not a number on the scale or a product of what you do or don't do in a day.

You are a body, a brain, and a heart. 

Self love can't be found or made. It's created from within and radiates outward. It begins by embracing your body as it is right now. Cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, freckles, zits, and all. Eliminate negative self-talk about the things you wish you could change. Everyone has flaws, but how we see them is what makes the difference. There is no body shaming in self love. 

Show yourself some love EVERY day.

  • Say something positive about yourself or your body. Self love extends beyond our outward appearance and is a reflection of who we really are on the inside. 
  • Focus on what you like about yourself. Extend that focus beyond what you see in the mirror. Shift away from negative thoughts. You think you have scrawny arms? Remind yourself of all the things that they can carry even though they look small to you. 
  • Give thanks for the body that you have, appreciate all it does for you. The body you have is the only one you will ever have, own it, love it
  • Treat yourself. A square of dark chocolate, a glass of wine, watching your guilty pleasure TV show. Do something nice for yourself every day. Self care is non-negotiable and just as important as self love. 
  • Do what makes you happy and feel good. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in, practice actions that make you happy. Do what is good for you and forget about what everyone else is doing or thinking because they can't make you happy. 

Love your body. Love your life. Love yourself.

How will you practice self love? What do you love most about yourself? 

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Martha Rosenstein