seattle weekend

Last weekend I went to Seattle to see John (who went to Seattle via Ft. Lauderdale - he spent less than 24 hours in Ft. Lauderdale and then had to fly to Seattle, but weather caused him to get stuck in Atlanta overnight).  This time of year our time together is limited, especially since I work nights.  If I work on days that he works, I potentially see him less than 4 hours a week (depending on how my days off fall).  That's going to get worse when he's gone most of every weekend this summer.  Although, I did just get my first summer schedule and it is pretty much exactly what I asked for, so he and I should have a majority of your days off together (which is nothing short of a miracle).Anyway, back to Seattle.  I flew in Friday afternoon and had dinner with one of my best friends in the entire world.  Allison (for those of you who don't know me in "real life") and I have been friends since our first week of high school (that means I've known her for 14 years now...that's half of our lives).  After much schooling and traveling and moving, she now works as a Physical Therapist at Harborview in Seattle.  She used to live in Richmond, VA so I only got to see her when she came home to AK.  I'm so glad that she and her husband moved to Seattle so I can see her more than once or twice a year. After dinner I spent the night, alone, in a very nice hotel (thank you Princess for putting John up in a swanky hotel and then getting him stuck in Atlanta).  Luckily John's flight the next morning arrived at approximately the same time I was supposed to go to the airport to pick up our rental car (long story as to why I didn't get one when I got there).  So I rote the train back to the airport and got John and our car. After he recovered from not very much sleep, we had a lovely weekend.  It was sunny and warm (which apparently it only does when we go we've been told by several people), we did some walking, and lots of eating, and got to catch up with one of John's friends from college. Leaves!!!