scenes from burkina faso

As I mentioned before, I have been struggling to find a way to share my experience in Burkina Faso.  As I have been going through my photos, I feel that I lack the photography and the writing skills to do this experience justice, mostly due to the fact that there is a long list of interwoven characters and events that become very complicated once you try and write them down (you'll see, just wait).

Anyway, as I was going through my photos, I decided that I would let them drive the story.  There are holes, but I can fill those in later when I get the photos from my travel companions.  

The streets are covered with garbage (no garbage dumps, they burn their trash), mostly plastic bags.  It's amazing that in a place with no central place to dispose of garbage that they still use plastic bags.  Although, when most of the people in the country are starving, I suppose it is difficult to think about environmental responsibility.

burkina faso boys walking



There are also animals everywhere.  Dogs, who all seem to have a home, but roam the streets freely as well.  Goats, chickens, sheep, and cows are all common sights on the streets.  

burkina faso guard dog

Bike and gate


This is the mosque near the clinic and the house where Dr. McCreary stayed.  It helped us to know what time it was with the four times daily call to prayer.  The only time when it was unfortunate to know the time is at the 4am call to prayer.  

burkina faso mosque

View from the clinic  Clinic view

Clinic view2

Dr. Issa is the doctor whose clinic we worked in.  His wife (who died late last year) started a school in the town of Loumbila.  It started with just one classroom and is now three.  They are building a second building to house more classes.  They have gardens and animals and grow food to feed the children during the day as many of their families cannot afford to feed them.  This year was the first year that they supplied the school entirely with food grown on the grounds.  The school receives major funding from a family in Austria. We met the mother of a doctor who was one of the very first teachers of FDM and who is responsible for a majority of the schools funding (see interconnected and confusing).  We went to the school for the annual Christmas party for the kids.  There were performances by the kids, the women, the men, and the girls who cooked and served the food (Dr. Issa's children, sister-in-law, cousins, etc.).

Women at lombilla

Loumbila garden1

Loumbila garden2
Loumbila garden3

Loumbila garden4

Loumbila garden5

Loumbila kids

Loumbila kids2

I will try and get some more photos edited and posted soon.  I have about 10,000 from our safari adventure...which should keep me busy for awhile!