portland highlights


Photo Aug 19, 17 13 10 1. Salt & Straw...twice! This might be the most amazing ice cream I've ever had (so amazing we had it for dinner one night). The first time I had Carrot Carrot Cake - carrot cake ice cream with chunks of carrot cake and (the best part) cream cheese frosting. The second time I had Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper...also amazing. I was initially concerned about the pepper, I don't love spicy things, but it was very subtle and offset the sweet just enough to be delicious!

kati roll

2. Lunch at Bollywood Theater. I got to meet a friend that I worked with in L&D for lunch (she's moving to Seattle and was visiting family in PDX). We ate at the Bollywood Theater. It was amazing! I had the Kati roll and beets with coconut milk and curry.


3. An afternoon at OMSI.

beach beach2

4. A trip to the coast. Even though we had to battle traffic, slow drivers, and an unexpected 20 mile detour (turns out it was due to a brush fire near the highway, which made us slightly less angry about it), it was great to escape the heat and take a walk on the beach.

coffee1 coffee2 coffee3

5. The coffee. I had more than a few good cups of coffee while I was in Portland. My favorite was Lionheart. I've been drinking decaf, which at most places just doesn't taste as good as regular coffee. Lionheart's decaf (I think they serve Stumptown coffee) was the best I've had anywhere. They had amazing cookies as well (I had them for breakfast twice)!

waterfront1 waterfront2

6. The waterfront. I took a walk along the river after my trip to OMSI (I had some time to kill). We took a walk on the other side of the river after a trip downtown on the MAX. We even enjoyed someone practicing their sky writing. More?

running shadow running

7. Running. Although it was quite hot most of the time I was in Portland, I enjoyed running in a new place. I tried to get out the door early enough to beat the heat. It was at least 70 every day I ran. A little on the warm side for this Alaskan girl. I found a nice little park with a lake and some trails in a neighborhood that I really liked. Running is always a fun way to explore a new place and see things or areas that you wouldn't normally visit.

blackberries baby love

8. Driving to Seattle to see one of my high school besties. I've done it before...driven three hours to see a friend...and I'm sure I'll do it again. Sometimes it's just worth it to go out of your way to see the people in your life who you don't get to see often enough. It was made even more worth it by getting to eat blackberries straight off a bush and adorable baby snuggles!

Overall it was a great trip and I got to see lots of friends who I've been missing! I can't wait to go back!

Martha Rosenstein