North Face Endurance Challenge Training Recap: Week 1

This was my first “official” week of training for the North Face Endurance Challenge 50K. I finally worked out my training plan (with the help of my amazing coach of course).

Overall I felt pretty good, but I need to remember that this is week 1 and I haven't built up any training fatigue yet. I distinctly remember feeling the same way during week 1 of 70.3 training too, but then by week 5 or 6 I was cursing myself, my coach, and everything else I could find to curse. I imagine that this will be a similar beast since this race is 5 miles farther than I've ever run before and almost double the elevation...

Sport Strength Class - 60 min
Tech swim - 1500 yds, 45:00

Track torture - 2 x (3 x 300, 1 x 1100), the 300s were supposed to be “fast but comfortable,” whatever that means, and then the 1100 was to be run with the first 800 at 5k pace and then the last 300 at whatever the average of the 1st 300s were. Ooof. I thought I was running SOOOO slow because my legs were tired from strength on Monday, but it turns out the problem was that I was actually running 15-45 seconds faster than I should have been running.

Swim -1900 yds, 39:00 (2:03/100yd) - ridiculous ladder workout - 6 x 25, 5 x 50, 4 x 75, 3 x 100, 2 x 200, 1 x 300).

Run - 4 mi, 48:58 (12:14 avg pace) - a rainy run up the hill (so slow). Then I ran into a friend on my way home and forgot to stop my watch while I stopped and chatted with her.

Sport Conditioning class - 60 min

Long run - 6.6 mi, 1:30 (13:31 avg pace, 525 ft elevation gain) - this was a purposely slow run. My training partner is coming back from an injury and hasn’t been doing much running. So we ran slow and walked up all the hills.

I was supposed to hike, because...vertical, but it rained an insane amount in the previous 48 hours and I honestly wasn’t interested in slogging through the mud. So, I crapped out and was lazy.

Run: 14 miles, 899 feet elevation
Swim: 3400 yds