My No Counting, No Tracking Meal Plan


A couple of weeks ago I started a new meal plan. Previously I have done a macros meal plan, but I found after a couple of months of following that, I needed a break from it and something a little less structured. Sure I could have continued on without a meal plan, but I find that just gives me the ability to make excuses and not eat to meet my goals. 

A friend of mine turned me onto Bree (aka The Betty Rocker). She has tons of great workouts and recipes as well as meal plans


This week is week 3 for me and it's been great. I've been doing some meal prepping (she gives you a plan for weekly prep if you want to do it), but really I have just been enjoying the simplicity of it. The recipes are very straightforward, which leaves room for improvisation on my part.


I also like that there's not any counting, weighing, or measuring. There are serving guidelines for each meal, but in the Getting Started Guide, Bree mentions that if you don't feel like you are getting enough food you should adjust the servings to meet your needs. I generally give myself a little extra protein and veggies and stick with the guidelines for the rest. 

I know that it seems like this should be something that I don't need to follow a plan for, especially one that is so simple and straightforward, but I have discovered that when trying to meet your goals, it's easier to either exercise willpower or plan a menu, but not both. If I have someone else telling me what to eat, it's easier for me to exercise willpower, but if I have to both plan and be in control of what I am eating, it all falls apart after a couple of days. 

This plan would definitely still work for someone who wants to follow it exactly. As I said before the recipes are simple and delicious, but can easily be adjusted to meet your tastes.


The other thing that I'm really loving about this plan is that there is a green smoothie everyday. Before you groan and tell me that's so last year, I ask you to stop and consider how many actual servings of vegetables are you eating everyday? Even though I feel like I eat a ton of veggies, I was probably only getting an average of 3 servings a day. With a green smoothie I can increase that by 1 or even 2 servings every day. And they are delicious! 

I'm really loving how easy and stress-free this plan is (I'm not getting paid to say any of this, by the way). I'm hoping I can continue to use this plan as a framework for further eating adventures since it's working so well for me!

Do you follow a meal plan? What made it easy or hard to follow?

Martha Rosenstein