my favorite workout pants

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like they find a piece of clothing or a product that is functional (and comfortable if you're talking clothes) and solves all the right problems...and then it gets discontinued. I have that problem with workout pants.

Many years ago (four maybe?) I found a pair of capri tights at Lululemon that I loved. They were comfortable, flattering, and solved the biggest problem I had with workout pants...they had enough pockets for everything! Mostly my phone is the problem. I don't like wearing it on my arm, I prefer to stash it in a pocket. However, the inseam pocket and back pockets on most workout pants isn't big enough or secure enough for a phone. The pants I found had two pockets on the thighs (later dubbed my saddle bags...) which can easily hold a phone on one side and snacks on the other. When I went back to buy a second pair...GONE! I don't even remember what they were called, but I definitely could find capris with side pockets. Story of my life. 


I managed to find a similar pair of pants that I love almost as much from the brand Lucy while shopping at REI a couple of months ago. I actually like the fabric on these pants better than the Lululemon pants, but the pockets are not quite as big and the two side pockets are the only ones (I like a zippered back pocket to keep my keys in). 

Lucy pants

These pants have replaced my Lululemon pants as my go-to pants for training runs and such because I want to make sure that the pants with all the good pockets are still in good shape the next time I need them for a race! I know that sounds completely ridiculous, but I really don't like wearing my phone on my arm and while I know there are plenty of good options for belts with pockets and such...I hate wearing extra things around my waist!

If I didn't care about having pockets I would buy these pants by Zella, because they come in all kinds of awesome patterns! The cooler your pants are the faster you run. Right??

Zella pants

What are your non-negotiables when it comes to workout pants??

Martha Rosenstein, FNP