my equation for the perfect breakfast

To all the math haters out there, don't worry I've already solve the equation for you:

Veggies + meat + eggs = breakfast

My 5th grade teacher always said "a day without math is like a day without sunshine." So I'm glad that I've turned my breakfast into math just in case I don't find any math anywhere else in my day!

I don't like eating the same thing every day, but I also don't like coming up with new things either (story of my life), so I have discovered that if I change up the meat and the veggies it's like eating something new and exciting every day.

Photo Feb 07, 07 29 50My favorite veggies to use in the mix are brussels sprouts (shredded or quartered), greens (the Power Greens mix from Costco or collard greens are my favorite), peppers, or mushrooms. For meat I'll use chicken sausage, bacon, or leftovers from dinner (shredded pork, any sort of meat/tomato sauce, or meatballs/meat loaf work well). You can make your eggs however you like. I'm partial to fried eggs because I love the runny yolk, but scrambled, poached, or hard-boiled and chopped would work just as well. 

The most unexpectedly delicious combination I came up with was leftover spaghetti sauce over sauteed brussels sprouts topped with two fried eggs. Since going mostly paleo I've had to shift my perspective on what is acceptable to eat at various times of day. I no longer think that one can only eat breakfast foods at breakfast. Food is food and if you want a burger for breakfast...I certainly won't stop you. If you put an egg on it, it's definitely breakfast!

The good news is that if you memorize this simple equation for breakfast not only will you never run out of things to make for breakfast, but you will also always have math (and therefore sunshine) in your day...

Martha Rosenstein, FNP