maui (days 1-4)

Greetings from Maui!We got here on Wednesday afternoon and had a few hours to kill before we could pick up the keys to our condo.  John found the Surfing Goat Dairy online and, being lovers of cheese - especially the kind that comes from goats, we decided to check it out. When we arrived, we were pleased to discover that they had a sense of humor We took a short tour, fed the goats, and learned all about the cheese making process. After our tour we tasted some cheese.  Our favorites were the seasonal "Canada" flavor (cranberries and cinnamon) and the "Men's Challenge" (horseradish and cayenne).  It was difficult not to buy one of every flavor! Thursday we did a whole lot of nothing.  I took a nap in the afternoon and then we went to the beach for a couple of hours. On Friday we ventured to the Upcountry.  First we headed to Polipoli State Park to check out the Redwood forest there.  These trees (among others that are not native to Hawaii) were planted as part of a reforestation effort after cows demolished all of the vegetation in the area.  It was a 10 mile drive up a windy road that ended at ~5,000ft. After a cool walk in the Redwoods, we headed up to the top of Haleakala.  We stopped a couple of times on the way up to enjoy the scenery.  From about 4,000 feet until about 8,000 feet it looked like we were in Alaska. And from 8,000 feet to the top (10,000 feet), it looked like we were on the moon.   If you squint and turn your head sideways, you can see the Big Island through all those clouds Today we spent most of the afternoon at the beach.  I worked on my tan while John enjoyed the waves (apparently he was a fish in a former life).    

Martha Rosenstein, FNP