marathon recovery: day 1

Don't worry, I won't be posting daily about my recovery…I just feel that today is particularly notable since I am still able to walk…ok, limp.

First of all, I did not sleep well last night, I had high hopes for a solid nights sleep since I was exhausted…but I was unable to get comfortable, which led to not a lot of sleeping.  I was, however, pleased that when I woke up at 5:30 this morning that I was not hungry.  That lasted all of about 30 minutes before I was starving and had to come up with a plan to get myself down the stairs for some breakfast.  

I tested the ol' legs and they seemed to be functioning decently.  I managed to one-legged gimp it down the stairs, which was better than the butt scoot I had planned.  After breakfast I hauled myself back up the stairs (much easier than down) and planted myself on the couch with my book.  It didn't take long for me to fall asleep.  I slept on and off for an hour and a half (Kiva was not pleased with my plans of sleeping and reading and insisted on poking me with her nose every time I fell asleep…rude!), then it was time for me to haul myself back down the stairs for more breakfast.  After that it was back to the couch for more reading and napping.  

Around noon I went and met my dad for coffee.  On my way home from coffee, I stopped at Costco to pickup cheesecake for a BBQ I was attending in the afternoon.  The problem with the cheesecake was that I wanted the strawberry, which was on the bottom shelf of the cake refrigerator…I almost asked somone to help me get it, but instead I risked it and squat down to pick it up.  Somehow I managed to stand up again without any help.  Pretty much a miracle.  While I was waiting in line, I discovered how important quad muscles are in stationary balance.  I am pretty sure I was swaying back and forth slightly as my muscles were almost unable to keep me upright and still.  I hope no one thought I was drunk. 

After my big outing to Costco, I came home to resumed my spot on the couch.  Kiva got confused and thought that my spot was actually her spot…but I set her straight.  

kiva wrong spot

kiva right spot

After resting up some more, I made yet another trip down the stairs to head out to the BBQ (if you run a lot, I recommend a house without stairs).  I had been dreaming of chips and cheesecake all day long, so I was pretty excited to get there while the chips were still plentiful!  The BBQ was fun.  The weather was lovely, but the mosquitoes were vicious.  Fortunately, sunshine and good food trump annoying bugs most days.  

chips and coke

Once I was properly fed and the mosquitoes got too annoying, I decided it was time to head home and put my sweats back on.  Soon it will be time for some advil and bed!  Hopefully I sleep better tonight.