Macros Meal Plan, Round 2: Weeks 1 & 2

Macros Meal Plan: Weeks 1 & 2. A look at how I navigated being on a meal plan while traveling as well as my initial impressions of this macros based plan and how it's working for me. 

I picked a tricky time to start this meal plan because I am traveling for a long weekend to run my half marathon, but my goal was to do the best I could with a few splurges (I don't think I can go to Portland and not eat at Salt and's just not going to happen). 

I started the week off with a meal prep of mostly veggies since I've found that is where I have the hardest time. We almost always have leftover proteins that are easy to grab and heat up for any meal, but veggies are a little harder. Here's what I prepped on Sunday evening:

I also made some baked sweet potatoes and pre-baked some red potatoes to make breakfast potatoes (pre-cooking them lets you cut them up and brown them without waiting forever for them to cook completely in the pan). 

I made Mediterranean Turkey with Lemon Tahini for dinner on Sunday so we could start the week with some quality leftovers. 

On Monday night we had pasta (supplemented with zucchini noodles), homemade tomato sauce, and chicken sausage. It was super easy and the pasta was the perfect post-workout carb fix. My new motto is #willrunforcarbs 

Roasted broccoli. Coat lightly with olive oil and roast at 400F for 20 minutes or until crispy.

On Wednesday afternoon I went to Portland, so my plan was to do the best I could as far as eating on plan went. That meant eating a lot of salads. Also, since I was running a half marathon on Sunday, my plan was to eat a few more carbs and allow myself a couple of indulgences, but nothing too crazy. 

I ate ice cream a couple of times (because who can resist Salt and Straw?) and we went to a delicious gluten-free bakery where I ate a GF sandwich and cupcake. That was the day before the race so I called it my carb loading. 

Overall I did pretty well, I came back a few pounds heavier than when I left, but after 2 days at home and eating back on plan I'm back to within less than a half a pound of what I was at before I left. No, this is not all about weight, but that is one of the measurements I am using to gauge my progress.

Once I got home it was still a little challenging to eat exactly on plan because of what I had/didn't have in the fridge. I managed to make it work for the most part. I ate a few more carbs than were on my plan because that's just what was there. But this is so not about being perfect for me, it's about having a guide and a plan and making it work for me. 

I posted on Snapchat a total cleaning the fridge meal (leftover GF pasta, zucchini, mushrooms, chicken sausage, green beans, and tomato sauce). If I had not been on this plan while making that, I probably wouldn't have thought to but nearly as many veggies into it. If you want to see some more of my on the fly meals, come hang out with me over there, my username is martha_florence. I do a lot of showing you how eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated or hard!

My initial impressions of this program are that it's great. After a couple of rough days at the beginning, I have not been hungry between meals and have almost felt like it's too much food. I think this is largely due to the fact that I'm eating a ton of veggies. On the plan the veggies are measured, but I'm being a little liberal with them because as I've said before, I just don't think you can eat too many veggies.