Macros Meal Plan Recap {Week 4}

Macros Meal Plan Recap - Week 4 - A recap of my fourth week on an RP Strength macro meal plan.

After a few wobbles (i.e. cookie run-ins, eating out, and not working out), I'm feeling a lot better about this week. I don't think I lost any forward (downward?) progress, but I definitely wasn't making any more progress. It was "that time of the month" for me, which I'm sure did not help things. 

This week I prepped various components of meals (mostly veggies) and made sure to make plenty of extra protein with dinner so that I could make new and exciting combos each day with my various parts. I'm not good at eating the same thing more than one or two days in a row, so I needed to find an easy way to mix it up. 

My meals were pretty simple and all of them were pretty delicious! I managed to not take any photos of my breakfast. But there were a lot of eggs and arugula involved. 

I made most of my meals out of chicken leftover from last week, frozen green beans that I just let defrost in the freezer, arugula, rice that I prepped on the weekend, the slow cooker pork ragu that I made for dinner on Sunday as well (recipe coming soon!), and the curry turkey meatballs we had on Monday night. 

I'm also really excited that I am getting back into a regular workout routine so that I can have non-veggie carbs again (hooray for rice, potatoes, and GF pasta)!