Macros Meal Plan Recap {Week 3}

Macros Meal Plan Recap - Week 3: A look at what I'm eating and my progress update on my 3 month macro plan from RP Strength

Macros Meal Plan Recap - Week 3: A look at what I'm eating and my progress update on my 3 month macro plan from RP Strength

Nothing worth having ever came easy, right? Well this week I've been sick, which has made this experience a little more challenging. However, when you are sick, you get to eat whatever you want. Not that eating whatever I want makes being sick any more tolerable, it just makes it not as miserable as it could be. 

As an added challenge, I'm working for a majority of this week (which is not normal for me), so I'm having to be extra diligent about my planning. So, I brought back menu planning and meal prep with a vengeance. You can see my menu here

On Sunday I did some meal prep. I cooked some chicken breast, sauteed some veggies (peppers, onions, and greens), and made a few breakfasts (eggs and veggies). I had hoped to get more done, but I spent the weekend with a terrible sinus infection and I didn't have any energy to do more. 

I used what I prepped on the weekend as well as some additional things that I made to make my meals for the rest of the week. I failed miserably at taking photos other than what I posted to Snapchat this week (follow me there if you want to see, username: martha_florence).

I ate a lot of arugula, kraut, and fried eggs for breakfast. There's something about that combination that just doesn't get old for some reason. 

Right now it's working really well for me to make some seasoned protein and then a few different veggies all separately for dinner and then I can combine them in various combinations throughout the week to make new and different meals. For example, one meal I made last week was shredded brussels sprouts, sauteed peppers and onions, and then seasoned ground beef. I used the leftover brussels sprouts as my veggie base in another meal later in the week and I turned the leftover peppers and onions into an egg white omelet for breakfast.

Since I didn't do a lot of working out this week, I didn't get to eat a lot of carbs, which is really sad for me. It also means that I may have had a run in with some cake at work. I'm not upset about it (it was delicious homemade cake), but I'm trying to do better. Overall I'm down two pounds from when I started. That is more progress than I expected since I traveled during week 1/2 and got sick earlier this week. Again, it's not all about the weight but that's one of the measures I'm using. I haven't done my actual measurements since starting because I keep forgetting! I'll do those this weekend so I have a better comparison of my progress. 

I'm hoping that since I'm starting to exercise again this week, the addition of more non-veggie carbs will help keep me from eating all the cake...