Macros Meal Plan, Round 2: Planning & Prep

My macros meal plan experience and how I planned and prepped to follow my meal plan. 

Quite awhile ago, I wrote a couple of posts about my macros meal plan experience with Gauge Girl Training. You can read the first post here and the second post here. I didn't do a good job of keeping up with my recaps, but I also didn't do such a hot job of sticking to my meal plan either. I did really great for about 3 weeks and then my mom ended up in the hospital and it all went out the window. 

I definitely had a great experience with Gauge Girl and would recommend it to anyone looking to meet some goals aesthetic, nutritionally or otherwise, she's really great about making a truly custom plan for people. She also has a 6 week shred program that is amazing and worth checking out as well. 

That being said I'm finally ready to start over again and I wanted to try something a little different. I wanted something that had some more support and flexibility built into the program. The sticking points I had with my previous plan were that it was hard to have adjustments made to the plan and challenging to get feedback on what I was feeling. I was training for a triathlon at the time and I just didn't feel like I was quite getting enough to eat, butI didn't know what I should be eating more of (protein always seems like a good answer but my body told me it was carbs I needed). 

I found Renaissance Periodization through several people I follow on social media and decided to give it a try. These plans are significantly more expensive that my previous plan, but the twice weekly check-ins and easily adjustable plan were worth it to me. 

The plan is broken down based on the time of day you plan to do your training. There are different templates for each, most of them are very similar overall with only slight variation in macro breakdown. The spread sheet was kind of a monster to look at, so I made a macro "bingo" sheet to help me make sure that I got all my food in.

The other thing I liked about this plan right from the start was that there are tons of veggies, 6-8 cups per day! It would be misleading for anyone to follow the exact plan that I'm on since it was made specifically for me and my goals, so I'm not going to share my exact plan.

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Meal Prep Tools

Macro meal prep

The containers I use come in one, two, or three compartments. I have the two compartment ones, but these are definitely not necessary. I generally avoid plastic, but when I'm prepping a few days worth of food at a time, these containers stack much better in the fridge than the others that I have. The glass containers that I use most of the time have the leftover food that is not portioned. 

2 Compartment Meal Prep Containers

Single Compartment Meal Prep Containers

The glass containers that I use are GlassLock. I have a variety of sizes, but as I said before these are not great for meal prep because they don't stack well and are hard to fit in my fridge if there are more than a few (don't even get me started on how poorly designed my fridge is...someday I'll get a new one and it will be glorious). 

The food scale I have was the cheapest one I could find at Target. I don't feel like this is a super important tool to spend a lot of money on. Just find one that is in your price range and meets your needs and go with that. 

This is the scale I have. The reviews on Amazon are terrible, but it works just fine for my needs. This AmazonBasics scale has great reviews and is cheaper than mine, it seems like a better option.  

It's also super important to stay hydrated. I aim for 64oz a day and in the interest of not getting up every five minutes to refill my water bottle, I got a giant 32oz water bottle. I love it because it keeps things cold all day and I only have to drink two of them to meet my water goal. 

Protein powder is a part of this plan as well. I don't love getting my protein from a powder, but it's prefect for post-workout protein and definitely better than not eating any protein. I have some that I do not love that I am finishing up, but when I'm done with that I'll be using Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Vital Protein also now makes Collagen Whey and Collagen Beauty Greens that I want to try. 

Have you ever tried a macro based meal plan?