Listening to Your Body


Something that gets talked about a lot in the world of health and wellness is that you should "listen to your body." But what the heck does that even mean? First of all, it's definitely a skill that needs to be practiced (and it's ok to get it wrong). It also is something that just sort of happens when you start actually paying attention to the way you feel or how you respond to something. 

I'll share an example in the context of my workout from yesterday. 

Tuesdays Eats + Workout


On Tuesday mornings I go to a running group, so my breakfast is usually pretty small (sometimes I don't eat, I just have a Bulletproof coffee and eat when I get home). Yesterday morning I had some leftovers from dinner on Monday night, which was shredded parsnips, chicken sausage, and some other veggies. Kind of like parsnip fried rice. I threw a little ghee on top of it because I wanted a little extra fat. 

vegetables in a bowl.JPG


Tuesday workouts are what I call "Tuesday Track Torture." It's always some kind of interval workout on the track, which I have a love-hate relationship with. So I've been sick and feeling very tired post 50K run. On Monday when I worked out (strength training) I felt pretty awful and I had a hard time pushing myself, but I also got woken up at 2am by the wind and never went back to sleep so I was pretty tired to begin with. When I was about 75% done with the workout I decided I was done, between my sore legs and still feeling a little under the weather, I it just wasn't worth it to push through. Could I have finished? Of course. But the point was my chest was feeling a little tight, my hamstrings were a little tweaky, and I just felt really tired. So I listened what my body was telling me, and I stopped. 


Lunch was more leftovers - pork with leeks and carrots from a few nights ago. I sprinkled it with some dulse (because if you watch my IG stories you know I'm trying to focus on getting more nutrients) and a little bit of nutritional yeast. 

meat and vegetables.JPG


We ended up having Thai food for dinner because I lost track of time and never took anything out of the freezer for dinner (are you sensing a theme here this happens more than I'd like to admit). Probably not the best choice, but when I opened the fridge and said "well, I guess I'll just make tuna and eat it with lettuce," I was told that sounded "too sad" for dinner and given Thai food instead. 


Smoked oyster dip and Simple Mills crackers (I also talked about this in my IG stories, why I'm trying to find a way to make myself like things like smoked oysters). 

smoked oyster dip.JPG

question of the day: what food do you not really like, but force yourself to eat because you know it's good for you? 

Leave a comment and tell me all about it!