life is messy


I have to be honest, I'm kind of tired of all the perfectly tidy and clutter-free photos everyone posts on the internet and social media.  Especially when they claim to portray real life.

Folks, life is messy.  It is not a perfectly clean kitchen or a completely dog fur free floor.  It's undone laundry, dirty dishes in the sink, and that pile of stuff on the dining room table that you didn't feel like dealing with because you wanted to read a book/walk the dog/do nothing instead.  

I try to avoid comparing myself to other people, but sometimes it's hard. I have always felt that my photos need to be styled (they aren't) and the clutter of every day life needs to edited out (it's not).  Sometimes I just feel like leaving my luggage on the floor of the office for two weeks after I returned home from my last trip.


I usually try and kick the dog bones out of the way or dust the dog hair off of whatever I'm photographing...but that's about it.  I often try and frame my shots so the real life mess is blurred or cropped out.  

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that my hair is often undone, my house has piles and is sometimes full of dog hair, and rather than doing laundry I'll wear the same sweatshirt and jeans for a week (yes, I change my underwear daily...)!  This works for me.  There are 10,000 things I would rather do than clean my house or have a "put together" appearance.  I know that is not how some people function, and that's ok.  


Rather than stressing over things not being perfect, let's embrace the messiness of real life and roll with it. #lifeismessy 

Martha Rosenstein, FNP