Lavaman Training - Weeks 8 & 9


Let's just get it out of the way that week 8 was a dud. It was recovery week, which apparently I took to mean do nothing for a whole week. Moving on.

Week 9 had so much potential and got off to a really great start...and then I got sick. 


I got home pretty late on Thursday and opted to skip my bike ride because I was feeling kinda blah. But I made myself get up on Friday morning for my swim even though I really didn't feel particularly great. I slogged my way through the workout, which was made much harder by the fact that I was having difficulty breathing. Nothing serious, just a hard time getting my breath, which makes swimming harder than it already is. I went to clinical all day on Friday and by the time I came home I had a scratchy throat and was considering ditching my run. However, this sad hopeful face forced me out the door with the attitude that something was better than nothing...


I ended up doing just 30 minutes easy because that was literally all I could muster. I'm trying not to pay attention to how far/fast I'm running right now (because triathlon training is done by time), but the 13:00/mi spoke for themselves. By Saturday morning I had a terrible sore throat and was working on some pretty serious sinus congestion. It's been all downhill from there. I considered a long run/walk on Saturday but decided that it wasn't worth it to make myself sicker. Better to let my body rest so that this doesn't drag out any longer than it needs to. I definitely don't have time for lingering illness. 

And now it's Tuesday of week 10. My sore throat is gone but I am still super congested. If I do more than sit perfectly still I get out of breath and start coughing. Depending on how I feel tomorrow I might try a run/walk and see what happens. I'm not planning to swim until Friday (out of respect for my fellow swimmers...snotty noses in the pool is not a good way to make friends). 

Martha Rosenstein